…And this is what a WordPress site is for.

14 Mar

Hello, visiting audience. If you know me and know my projects, you might be saying to yourself, “Hey? Why in the Holy Hubs of Hell is @javadewd posting stuff on a WordPress site? I thought he hated those damn things!?” Well, yes, it’s true. My grudge against WordPress sites has nothing to do so much with the company or the concept itself, but more or less how some people and small businesses use and abuse the privilege of having them. Let me explain…

When a person claims a WordPress site and spews vitriol, WordPress doesn’t exactly jump in and shut them down, unless they are traditionalists who have simply had enough of these same vitriol spewers. It appears WordPress is so kind as to shut them down right away. *Eye Roll* Or better yet, when a corporation tries to claim a WordPress site as their website. They don’t put much thought into it, and it shows. Even if they were desperate enough to pay some doofus a fee for a ‘customized template,’ the poor quality of verbiage that usually accompanies it pretty much seals their fate as a bunch of cheap, oily-haired jack-wagons.

In my humble opinion (IMHO), a WordPress site makes a great component of a corporate website, but should never be the whole website. It’s one thing to have a dedicated blogger submitting verbiage to the masses and gushing over your product or service, but those examples are far outweighed by the ones that duplicate, replicate, plagiarize or otherwise cheat in the marketing realm by putting up some pasty-white filler that they claim represent their organization. Anymore, these examples stick out to me like a sore thumb. I’m not going to give examples, mainly because they know who they are, and if I’m going to get retaliation on WordPress of all places, it’ll be for a much more venomous topic, which surprisingly I would probably post somewhere else anyway.

Behold, the benign collection of posts!


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