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New Day, Same Crap

16 May

So I hope to be giving credit where credit is due, my wife’s health insurance is doing some sort of [at the moment “employee only”] coaching program for folks who are diagnosed with certain conditions. In my case, I’ve officially been a Type 2 Diabetic since 2009, but I’m sure that I’ve had an outrageous A1c all my life. This program basically starts with me hooking up with this coach / cheerleader who listens to me piss and moan for a while and then sets me up with a plan for success. Again, in my case it is to actively drive down my 12.5 A1c (okay, so the last one was 9.2, but still…) down to less than 6. For those of you who are unfamiliar, the A1c scale is actually exponential, meaning that there is a huge difference between a 6 and a 12. A “stick test,” where you prick yourself to add a drop of blood to this magic 8-ball device, would spit back out a “126” on average for somebody with an A1c of 6, whereas that same infernal device would spit out a number closer to “300” for somebody with an A1c of 12 (see chart).

So the good news is that this was a meeting with no strings attached. No pressure. No grilling session. No thumb screws. It was rather enjoyable to get a few things off of my chest and to see somebody actively going out of their way to set a course-correction for all of the bad information that I’ve been exposed to over the past four years (especially from within that same health insurance group). To leap on a bit of a segue, I wish I could do that sort of job for the local cable company. If I did, they’d get their piss-poor reputation back. Anybody listening over there at Charter Communications? Nah, didn’t think so…

Anyway, I got a bit of a head start before I actually sat down with this lady to pow-wow about my non-condition. I call it a non-condition, because even though my blood sugar has been wildly high, I have ZERO symptoms. My eyes are perfect 20/20. I have no nerve problems. My ticker is 100%. My blood vessels may be eroding from the inside, but no signs of a stroke are on the horizon for me. Knock on wood. My head start came from working with one of my latest clients, Indio Radio. John, Kane, Jeremy, Lori and even Dottie were over at Max Muscle on Mother’s Day weekend. There I found a fascinating product called Emerge, which is suppose to be an all-in-one fat burner, mood enhancer, metabolism stoker, weight loss power drink mix. So far, so good. I’ve cut myself loose of NOS Energy Drinks (which the bastards don’t tell you how much sugar is in the ‘Sugar Free’ version — it’s outrageous!) and Monster Zero Ultra altogether. This stuff keeps me humming for a good 8 hours at a whack, but best of all is that it keeps my attention focused by taking everything that enters my head (to a certain point) and dumps it right into the bit bucket [NULL]. So far that seems to be the best kept secret. No more scatter-brainedness for me lately!

So now I’m back to taking my Lantus (slow-acting insulin) and Glyberide, but the bigger thing is whether or not anything around here. I still never had a full 60 minutes to myself. I still didn’t get the opportunity to perform any billable work. I didn’t make it to the gym. I couldn’t even get up the nerve to draw my own blood for my glucose meter. I hate needles.

Well, there is always The Two Fit Chicks Show that is premiering on Indio Radio today at 11am Central. Between that and some of the amazing folks on Instagram that I’ve been following lately, maybe I’ll get that extra emotional boost to make this project successful.