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Riding the Rollercoaster of Life

5 Aug

So after my last post I have had some interesting experiences. First off, I met with a different Diabetic Educator and Dietitian. The Educator gave me about a dozen new tidbits of information that I had never heard before. The down-side? I’m counting carbs. It makes a ton more sense than just the wild guessing that my previous Diabetic Educator back in 2009 had me doing. It seems like a fairly straight-forward plan to kick this 10+ A1c.

And on that same vein, I started exercising. I tried just walking one day. A 50 minute walk on Day 1 turned into a 40 minute walk on Day 2 and almost a 30 minute walk on Day 3, so I pushed my infant daughter in a stroller, but that made it go faster, so I succombed to dressing like that hipster dad on the Toyota commercial and strapped the little darlin’ to my chest. That slowed me down a bit, and then I added pushing my toddler in the stroller. That made it just about right. The problem became that now that I was forcing myself through the laws of physics to walk more than an hour, the infant was usually voicing her disdain for the harness after about an hour and similar complaints were coming from my confined toddler. Hence, I must improve on this plan, otherwise I can see a disaster coming. I can’t lug the diaper bag with me, and if the youngest decides to have a blowout, well, I’m stuck with it until I get back home. And the other down-side? I’m gaining weight! So much for cardio.


So then I have about seven projects fall in my lap at the same time. The blessing / curse is that money can’t buy me time and lack of money only costs me more time, so it’s just a vicious, slippery slope into nothingness. Tack on the fact that my focus is getting split between work, the brokedown palace, fatherhood and husbandry, you can see how the life following this one is probably going to be really boring…

Another fun double-edge sword is that we finally gave up our 13 year old sedan. It had lived its life, but some weird idling problem that probably ultimately centered around the automatic transmission was causing me all kinds of stress. We couldn’t afford to fix it, so we ‘junked’ it and walked away with a $250 check for our trouble. In the meantime, we’re down to one set of wheels, the mini-van, and hopefully between the drop in insurance, fuel, maintenance and stress, we’ll be able to make it till next Spring or Summer before we start looking at another vehicle.

Still don’t have the roof done, but the roofers are paid… Until you factor in the fact that the roofers and I were expecting the insurance company (screw you State Farm!) to pick up the tab on the new plywood (because the 50+ year old stuff that is on there is half as thick as regulations dictate), now we’ll have to sword-swallow that when they get here. That’s looking like another $2,000 that we don’t have. If I had just given up on my father-in-law, instead of letting the two years to get this thing fixed lapse, and went with somebody else to do the frame for the back porch roof, this could have all worked in our favor, but alas, I held out for a miracle… That was never coming.

Which brings me to the conclusion… It is so much harder nowadays to rely on other people. Back in the days of our grandparents, people in general were more reliable, selfless, dedicated and honorable. Now, even I have my moments where I just don’t follow through on things, and instead of having multiple contingencies in place to absorb the blow of such human error, we just eat it. I blame poor planning and forethought. Total depravity, sin and simple human nature awash in a sea of post-modernism and political correctness are the live actors in this sordid comedy as well.