0x80040ca0 error attempting to install OneDrive (Skydrive) on Windows 7 64bit

27 Oct

Pete's Place

This error has driven me crazy for weeks and has cost me about 12 hours in diagnostic effort.


When trying to install the OneDrive (formerly Skydrive) desktop client in a Windows 7 Enterprise 64bit machine I was getting a 0x80040ca0.

The following article offers advice that it is caused by a registry permissions issue and offers a process to fix the permissions issue but on its own it did not fix the problem.


After making the registry permission changes suggested in the article above it still wouldn’t work.

Running the install when logged in as local admin seemed to work ok but when I then re-logged on as a normal user I still had to rerun the install program for that user to get access to the client and again it failed.

I tried adding the normal user to the local admins group and even turning off UAC but…

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One Response to “0x80040ca0 error attempting to install OneDrive (Skydrive) on Windows 7 64bit”

  1. javadewd November 17, 2014 at 5:43 pm #

    …By the way. My solution was to chuck OneDrive and go to Google Drive. Works fine now.

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