Paper or plastic? What happened to the first amendment?!

13 Jan

Now *that* is a very enlightening perspective…

Political Fireball

Usefulness of plastic bags

Around my house there are always uses for plastic and paper bags picked up from the grocery store.  After their initial use, plastic are used for a myriad of things, and unless torn, they’ll be saved for trash bags, wet shoes, lunch bag liner in a backpack, doggie-bags and who knows what else.  One interesting thing I’ve found the last few years is that plastic bags are actually more reliable for carrying candy in parades than those “reusable” plastic or fabric bags (and I walk my share on election years).  Half the time the handles fall of those other “reusable” bags…but I digress.  I recycle plastic bags.  And a lot of people I know do recycle their plastic bags too.  Actually most people I know recycle them.  In my home they’re called “Walmart bags” because of the advertisement on the side.

But, the environmentalist legalists have…

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