If you have never heard of me, it is probably because I don’t want you to know me. I have posted in places like SoulCast, Twitter and other social media avenues. I have built up quite a modest following as of late, mainly due to my day job and the projects that have been associated with it. I share my musings here as a way to get out more benign information. I don’t consider myself a social media expert, mainly because an “ex” is a has-been and a “pert” is a drip under pressure. I find solutions for small businesses and I help monetize projects of whom the creators of such have great passion. If you have a problem with something I write, feel free to comment. If you’re being a troll, don’t expect a response. In fact, take your vitriol and hate somewhere else. For the rest of us, I hope you enjoy your trip down the rabbit hole, and don’t stop here, as I am practically everywhere anymore.

Peace and love and good happiness stuff,



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